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Reflection on “Step by Step- Building a Web2.0 Classroom” by Drew Murphy (K12Online07)

Reflection on “Step by Step- Building a Web2.0 Classroom” by Drew Murphy (K12Online07)

This is an amazing presentation by Drew Murphy and serves as both a great intro for beginners and also an excellent model for people who help lead others through the Web 2.0 maze. Drew models excellent ideas and methods to engage students (Vinnie Kebobolous is not to be missed!)

One thing that Drew said that really hit home with me was that “the Internet is incredibly abstract.” I need to remember this first and foremost when training teachers and also remember that everyone is showing up with different skill sets.

Drew breaks the skills necessary to operate in the Web 2.0 World into 10 skills that are an excellent place to start and get everyone on the same page. He organizes these ten steps into 3 categories: “Explore and Participate,” “Deconstruct and Reconstruct”, and “Connect and Create.” These three categories will serve as an excellent menu for my curriculum. Some of these, I’m already incorporating, but Drew really helped me to become clear on the necessary skills to teach explicitly in the lab.

It was interesting that he started with such a detail as “tabbing” —teaching teachers/students to use tabs in their web browsers. In the lab, I use both Safari and Firefox with the students. I use Safari with the younger students because links will (by default) open in new windows and Firefox because they will (by default) open in new tabs. I’ve done this to keep is rather simple for the younger students, but Drew got me thinking. Since I want everyone to end up using Tabs, perhaps I need to just “bite the bullet” and use this feature with the younger kids right at the beginning.

I love Drew’s quote: “It’s all about Media… so Be the Media.” If we want to engage students, this is imperative. He gives some great ideas on how to do this, but encourages “us to be ourselves”. Also, it is essential to remember that while the tools are “cool” the emphasis is really on building community.

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How does your Garden Grow?

Seedlings are starting to “sprout” over at our “” site as people join us for our “Flat Agents of Change” workshop through the K12 Online Conference.

Exciting! New Friends!

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“Flat Agents of Change” Teaser

Here is the teaser for Seedlings’ K12 Online Conference workshop: Flat Agents of Change

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