Bit by Bit Podcast: Show 119 TEDxRedmond Presenters

Bit By Bit Podcast: Show #119 TEDxRedmond Presenters
September 25, 2010

Interviews with Presenters and Participants at TEDxRedmond!

Show Contents:

  • Victoria Bawn
  • Zach Veach
  • Perry Chen
  • Parent/Student Participant Interview 01
  • Bridget Berman
  • Pink Polka Dots Guild (Maddy Berkman, Sierra Alef, and Kelsey Josund)
  • Priya and Maya Ganesan
  • Grandparent/Grandson Participant Interview 02
  • Parent Participant Interview 03
  • Jason O’Neill
  • Adrianna Svitak
  • Alec Loorz
  • Parents/Student Participant Interview 04
  • Madison Razo
  • Noah Andrade
  • Olivia Bouler
  • Parent/Student Participant Interview 05



“Tech Talk” by Kevin MacLeod

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4 Responses to Bit by Bit Podcast: Show 119 TEDxRedmond Presenters

  1. Bruno Aziza says:

    Bob – thanks for sharing – outstanding conference!

  2. Thank you to all the students and to Bob for this inspirational podcast. Should be required listening for all educators. Amazing content.
    – Encourage student passions
    – Stay open to student ideas
    – Give them permission and support
    – Then get out of their way and you can marvel at their invention and commitment.
    And if they fail? Be “error tolerant.” Say, “nice work, what do you want to try next.”
    Based on what I heard from the TedxRedmond kids in this podcast, I think they’d simply say it’s all common sense. My dream is that someday we can all agree with them.

  3. Bob Sprankle says:


    So well said!


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