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Bit by Bit Podcast: 17

Bit By Bit Podcast: December 1, 2005
Show 17

Here is the podcast of my presentation at Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference, called Podcasting with Purpose.


Keynote Handout (pdf)

Links resources mentioned in the presentation:




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181 by Carl Leth

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1 Richard Gatarski { 12.02.05 at 11:58 am }

Bob (and Cheryl),
Whow – extremely interesting to follow your presentation. A well spent 30 minute for all new teachers that are interested in school podcasting. You have probably already noted that questions from the audience must always be repeated to make sure they make it into the recorder.

Regarding audio tools for Windows there is to my best knowledge no similar thing as the Garageband application with the macs. There are similar stuff with loops, such as Acid (, but they come with a price tag.

In addition there are some interesting Windows applications of which I know no similar things for the Apple (but they will come soon for sure). Here you first prep with sound clips, jingles, music, interviews etc. Then you record the whole thing in real time, speaking over, start/stop the clips/music, etc. It´s like recording your own radio-like show – with the exception that you end up with an mp3-file and data for the podcast/blog. It is a different experience, a lot of nerve which gets through in the result.
Mixcastlive (www.mixcastlive) and Castblaster ( can both be downloaded in a demo version for free (some limitations). I´m not sure about the status of the former – seems to have stopped. The other one is under development. Both applications are made for podcasting, which means you work with podcasts that have episodes, and the resulting mp3 file can be uploaded to a server through the application. My experience is that Castblaster is more intuitive, but less cool than Mixcast live. Well worth a try for those that have the time and the interest. In any case, Audacity and Garageband is probably a better start for most people.

Keep up the GREAT work.

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