01. Seedlings

Seedlings, is a trio of 3 Maine Educators. It grew out of a State Technology Initiative, SEED, Spreading Educator to Educator Developments. When the initiative lost its funding, Alice Barr, Bob Sprankle and Cheryl Oakes were not ready to stop collaborating. Thus SEEDLINGS was formed as an ongoing conversation for teachers by teachers. It is an example of not being restrained or constrained by boundaries.

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  2. Anne Fraser says:

    I have been listening to BitByBit for a long time and enjoy every moment. I tried to download the seedlings chat via skype using the tinyurl but it did not work. Can you please send me the full link and I will try that.
    Many thanks,
    Anne Fraser

  3. Bob Sprankle says:

    Hi Anne,

    I’ll try posting it here as well:



  4. diane says:

    I enjoyed hearing your comments re. CyberSmart! on your last podcast.

    I started out as a participant in one of the CyberSmart! professional development workshops, and now work as a facilitator for the company, in addition to my duties as a K-12 teacher/librarian.

    The updated and expanded free CyberSmart! curriculum addresses such key issues as good digital citizenship and cybersafety. We are particularly proud of the cyber bullying package and the resources it contains for teachers, students, and parents.

    The educator’s toolbar features lots of pre-screened links of professional interest.

    CyberSmart’s homepage is located at http://www.cybersmartcurriculum.org/

  5. Bob Sprankle says:

    Thanks for stopping by and your comments, Diane! CyberSmart is amazing!

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  7. Leslie Maniotes says:

    I heard one of your podcasts and I MUST listen again. It had so much info in it I wished that I had had a pen (I was listening while driving and saying oooooh aaaaah!!!) I am really interested in creating a network of educators in my area that are doing what you folks have begun. Keep it up and sharing…you guys ROCK and are an inspiration to folks like me! THANKS

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  9. Ma. Elena says:

    I was looking at your blog and I was impressed at the amount of useful widgets you have to organize information.
    I am interested in learning about the widget I can use to display the series of podcasts I have from my students in a single box , like the one you have at the top of this page.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Ma. Elena says:

    I love the way you have organized the information on your blog. What tool or widget can I use to display the podcasts from my students in a single box like the one you have a t the top of this page?
    Thanks for sharing

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  13. I was trying to find your e-mail address but could not succeed. Hence posting here.

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    Wanted to let you know that my book was released online recently at Amazon.com. It attempts to introduce complex technology in simple language. Even those with no background in engineering will benefit from this book. The form of narrative is suitable for students and teachers alike.

    For the layperson, the book will serve as a readable introduction to terms we often encounter in everyday language but may not necessarily understandâ??digital encoding, online security, megapixels, resolution, HDTV, MP3, data modem, ADSL broadband, bandwidth, and bit rate. These terms are merged into a continuous narrative that uses little technical jargon or mathematics.

    More details at http://theinfinitebit.wordpress.com/

    Read. Enjoy. Recommend to others. Thanks. I hope the book will inspire more students to take up engineering as a profession.

    Best Regards,
    Arvind Padmanabhan

  14. Bob Sprankle says:

    Thank you, Arvind. Looks very interesting!


  15. Hello Bob,

    I’ve been working (with a huge + awesome team) on a new solution for schools to monitor, understand, and control their Chromebook usage. It’s free for this school year in order to collect as much feedback as possible, as an educator yourself – what do you think the best way to spread the word to others is?

    We’d really appreciate the help!

    Here is a page with more info about the software:


    Miles Solomon

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