Student News: December 16, 2005

written by the Scholars of Room 208

Next week, we are having our traditional concert at the High School because a fire safety sprinkler went off in our school and 480 gallons later, our gym floor was damaged. We got most of the water out but some is still under the gym floor. Workers will have to tear up the gym floor and put in a new one. At the Holiday Concert we will sing: "This is my Country," "Ode to Joy," "Children Go Where I Send Thee," "United We Sing," "Jingle Bell Dash," and the last song is "Mr. Grinch." Soon we will have our Holiday Concert as a bonus show on the podcast.

Also, this week, the 4ths learned Multiplication Wrestling in Math. We also had it for homework and taught our parents how to play. Hailey and Bailey will be teaching you how to play Multiplication Wrestling on "Math Corner" once the holidays are over. This week the 3rd graders were learning about place value and they also played a game called, "Number Top-It" with 7 digit-numbers. That is what we did in Math.

Another thing we did this week was Personification. Personification is when you give an inanimate object "human abilities". Here's an example: "The flower dances in the breeze." And that is personification. We are working on "Personification Poems."

Lastly, this week in Reading we read a speech called, "I'm Not Afraid to tell the World How I Feel" by a 12-year old named Severn Cullis-Suzuki. It was about pollution and how people should pick it up. The person who gave the speech gave it to a grown was because she believes that grownups are messing up the world and she wants to fix it. She is only a child and she doesn't have all the solutions but the adults don't either. Also, she said she's afraid to go outside and breathe the air because of all the chemicals because of the pollution. Then after all of us read the speech, Mr. Sprankle told us to write a letter to him about the speech we read. He like them.

Posted: Sun - December 18, 2005 at 02:37 PM