Student News: February 17, 2006

written by the Scholars of Room 208

On February 17, 2006, we went to an event called the "Jumpathon". The Jumpathon is when we raise money for people with heart disease. We raise money by asking people we know for money. We jump rope for 40 minutes. Some of the jumps we did were: regular jumps, ski jumps, double jumps, snake jumps, and front door and back door jumps. While we were jumping, people came around with oranges and gave us some to eat. And that's what the Jumpathon is like.

Also this week, we visited a man named Wes Fryer. How we visited him was we used an . He was in a conference so we saw their principal [at that school]. It was a lot of fun. First, he asked us questions and then we got to ask him some too. The main question that he wanted us to answer was "Why do you do blogging?" If you want to listen to [the conversation], it will be on as a bonus show. So if you can listen to it, that will be great. It is an awesome show. Well, we hope that you learn something about Wes Fryer.

This week we learned about the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad is a path to lead slaves to freedom. The Underground Railroad had houses and trails with people whose goals were to help the slaves. In 1850, a law was passed called the Fugitive Slave Act. Anybody caught bringing slaves North could be sent back South. So slaves had to go to Canada. The Underground Railroad helped many slaves get to freedom.

Lastly, on February 16, 2006, we chatted with Carol Anne McGuire on an iSight camera. If you listen to the Room 208 podcast, you will hear our conversation with Carol Anne McGuire. We also learned a few things about her. We learned that she brought a stuffed alligator [to school]---not the kind you have on your bed or in a backpack, but a real alligator that is dead and stuffed with cotton. Another thing we learned is that she brought 40 ficus trees into her classroom to teach her class about the rainforest because her students are blind. They were bumping into the trees. Ms. Carol Anne McGuire said to her students, "This is what a real rainforest is like." Don't forget to listen to the podcast and finish the conversation. [Just] to let you know: it is kind of "staticey" because of the [internet] connection.

Posted: Mon - February 20, 2006 at 11:53 AM