Student News: March 24, 2006

written by the Scholars of Room 208

Over the last few weeks, we have been working on Biomes. We got facts from books. Then when Mr. Sprankle said we had enough facts we started on our 1st draft poster. The biomes are: Tropical Rain Forest, Desert, Grasslands, Wetlands, Freshwater, Ocean, and Arctic. On our poster there was a drawing and our facts. We used markers, colored pencils, and Crayons. It took about a month to complete this project. On our poster we say: favorite saying, favorite plant, favorite animal, favorite color, and favorite places. We would say the answer and then write facts to go with the answer. We really enjoyed the project.

Next Friday the fourth graders are going to the University of Southern Maine (USM). That is [where the] KIDS Consortium [will be]. We are going on the 31st to teach them about podcasting. The third graders are making a movie. Their movie shows some of us podcasting. It also shows us doing Friday update and our "rundown". One thing we are going to do is explain our purpose. Another thing we are going to do is "Why we do a Podcast." The next thing we are going to do is show them the movie. And those are some things we are going to do.

The past 2 weeks we did something called MEAs. MEA means "Maine Educational Assessment". We did it for two weeks. The 4ths did it the first week and the 3rds did it the second week. We had fun doing this but now it's over.

While the third graders were doing the MEAs, the fourths pretended they were traveling back to 1963. We read articles and listened to [radio clips] about Martin Luther King's speech, "I Have a Dream". Then we wrote a letter home and pretended we went to the March on Washington. Everyone wrote the letter in their own way. One person put themself right in the middle of the story. Lots of people met people in their story. One person in our class said they know someone who went to the March on Washington. So keep your ears open for a podcast about the March on Washington.

That is what we did in the last couple of weeks.

Posted: Sun - March 26, 2006 at 10:13 AM