Student News: February 3, 2006

written by the Scholars of Room 208

From now on an old classmate and friend is going to be coming to our classroom to edit our podcasting work. His name is James. He is in 5th grade, and Mr. S trained him to edit our podcast. The way he does [it] is he goes on the computer and takes out our mistakes. For example, if we said a word twice, he would take one out. And it helps Mr. Sprankle so he doesn't have to do as much work at home and he can spend more time with his family. It also helps because James also can record people so Mr. Sprankle can help people with their work. If you want to hear [James'] work, you can go to last year's podcasts. Thanks, James!

Also this week we went to a planetarium in the gym. It was a small bubble area with a special machine inside that made stars appear. Mr. Negley is the man who controlled the planetarium. He told us where the sun rises in the [sky]. It depends on what season it is. He also used a machine that made stars appear. Along with that, he showed us pictures in the stars like: the big and little dipper.

Also last week we have started to practice for a very special event in our school: Jump Rope for Heart. Jump Rope for Heart is a special event on the 16 and 17th of February every year. We will jump rope for an hour. Before we jump rope, people can get a permission slip to earn money for the Jump Rope for Heart. All the money we collect will go to the American Heart Association according to our gym teacher, Mrs. Calo. This is what Jump Rope for Heart is for.

Another thing we learned this week is a new role for Literature Circles. The new role is called Literary Luminary. Literary Luminary is a job that people get to do. The job is to find a part of a book that catches your attention. On the [role] page, there are four boxes. The first box is for writing the page number. The second one is for the paragraph number. The third box is for why you picked it. For example: it's surprising, confusing, or well-written. And the fourth [box] is your plan for reading [it] (to yourself, or if you're going to read it out loud to your group). That is how you do Literary Luminary.

Lastly, we have a new attachment to our Blog. It's called "The Room 208 Journal Blog". You can check it out if your want. The address is: There are two different kinds of questions. "Required [Questions] are in red, which means we have to answer it. And there is "Casual [Conversations]" too. That means you can do it if you want to. You are also allowed to do the questions at your house.

Posted: Fri - February 3, 2006 at 09:04 AM