Student News: April 14, 2006

written by the Scholars of Room 208

For the past two weeks, we moved furniture around. People who wanted to help stayed in for recess and ate lunch with Mr. S in our classroom. In Math, we made a blueprint of our classroom. The fourths have been moving stuff around on the blueprint. This helps our learning because [the classroom] is comforting and safe. That was "Extreme Classroom Makeover"!

Also this week, we saw a play about Secret Touching. A secret touch is when somebody touches you in a way that you don't like. The play was about what you should do when you or someone else has been secret touched. You should tell a trusted adult.

A couple of weeks ago we started preparing for conferences. Mr. S gave us a pack of paper that had all the different subjects we do in school. In it, we wrote what we were most proud of and what we needed to work on. On each page there were webs. We use webs to know what we are most proud of and what we needed to work on. You write the subject in the middle and on the shapes on the outside you write what you did in that subject. The subjects are: Math, Reading, Writing, Theme, and Community. The front has the 2nd Trimester which is what you're proud of the most and what you need to work on the most. Most of our conferences are on the 13th and 14th of April. That's how we prepare for conferences.

This week, Scott Kinney came to our class with a friend named Dawn . Dawn is Scott Kinney's Regional Coordinator for New England. Scott Kinney works with teachers all around the world [at Discovery Education Network. He's has been doing this for about a year now. His favorite place is Wells, ME. A friend got him into podcasting. Another question we asked him is "If he could change one thing about his job [what would it be?] "Less meetings." He came to our class just to meet us. Scott and Dawn came to see how we podcast. He lives in Pennsylvania, close to Hershy Land. We really enjoyed Scott Kinny and Dawn [Strunk] coming to our classroom.

On the last week of March, the 4th graders went to USM (aka University of Southern Maine) to present about podcasting to the KIDS Consortium. The 3rds made a movie to tell how to make a podcast. If you would like to hear the USM Presentation, click here. If you want to see the movie, click here .

Posted: Mon - April 17, 2006 at 01:45 PM