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Published On: May 31, 2006 06:32 AM
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Student News: May 26, 2006

This week we went to USM because the MLTI asked us to present. We prepared for our podcast presentation by first picking our partners. Then we chose the parts and then started writing our script. After we wrote our script and [when] it was all edited, some people typed up their script to make it neater. After we did that, most people made a poster so they would remember their parts so they won't have read their script all the time and also for visual learners. We practiced and practiced and practiced, etc., etc. After we could go and show our presentation. That's how we prepared.

We got great feedback from kids and teachers about our presentation. Mr Sprankle said we did an awesome job! A lot of people laughed at the funny parts of the movie.

Before we went to U.S.M., Jim Moulton (the man who invited us) sent us an e-mail that had a quote with it that said, "The medium is the message," by Marshal McLuhin. Ashley, Christian, and Emily B. told about the famous quote. We got to meet Jim Moulton at U.S.M. If you want to hear what Ashley, Christian, and Emily B. said, listen to our May 26th podcast. Jim Moulton thinks the quote means consumers watch or listen to the producers' work. He said that Room 208 is full of producers.

Posted: Wed - May 31, 2006 at 06:14 AM