Student News: January 27, 2006

written by the Scholars of Room 208

This week we are practicing for the MEAs. MEAs are a test that 3rd and 4th graders take. We've been mostly working on Math MEAs. We've also been working on Reading fictions stories for the MEAs . One of the stories we read was Rabbit's Big Race. We learned to read the questions first before reading the story. We now know when [the] MEAs come we will be ready.

This week in Reading we started Literature Circles. Literature Circles are when a group gets together and reads the same book then they talk about the book and things it made them think about. We are doing a class Literature Circle on the book, . When we do Literature Circles, we have roles. We have four roles: Luminary, Discussion Director, Connector, and Illustrator. We have only learned two of them. Earlier, we watched two Literature Circle movies. One Harvey Daniels did and the other one, Mr. S's class did in 2002. The main reason we do Literature Circles is to become life-long readers. That is what we did with Literature Circles this week.

Also this week in Math, the fourths learned a way to divide large numbers. The way we learned to divide large numbers is called "Partial Quotient" [method]. Partial Quotient is not long division. This is an easier way to do division. While the fourths were doing that the Thirds were learning about decimals. Decimals are a way to show pieces of numbers. They learned tenths, hundredths, and thousandths. That is what we learned in Math.

Finally, this week we had some guests come into our classroom. One of the guests was Sara Nics. She was from the MPBN radio station and she is going to put us on the radio. We will tell you when the date is soon! Another guest was Janet Hill. She was in Iowa in her kitchen when she visited us. To get here, she walked to her computer and looked at a little camera called an "". That was fun! The third visit was Leah Tondreau, a second grade teacher, and David, a technology coordinator. They came from up north in Maine (around Bangor). They came to learn how we work [on] podcasts because [Ms.] Tondreau wants to do a podcast with her second grade class. She thought our podcast was a good example! They drove three hours to come and see our class and how we do our podcast. We thought that that was nice of them to do that. Those were our visitors that came to our classroom.

Posted: Sat - January 28, 2006 at 05:32 PM