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Published On: Sep 20, 2006 07:06 AM
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"Where Are You?"

"Hello Room 208....

Have you moved? We are eagerly waiting the latest episodes from 208.


Apologies to Maria and all who have been wondering: I've been trying to get this note up for weeks. Some rather big changes have happened since last June.

First... Room 208 is now Room 209 (the scholars have moved next door).

Second... The biggest change is that I have made the transition out of the 3/4 Multi-Age classroom and into the computer lab, as Technology Integrator. This is a bitter/sweet change: exciting and challenging, but not without some sorrow, as I leave my class behind in Room 208 (now 209).
I will be replacing my good friend, Cheryl Oakes, as she moves on to her new exciting position as District Technology Coordinator.
I am excited about taking that next step in integrating technology into the classroom, and expanding my learning.
Beth Bush has taken my position in Room 208 209 and she and the scholars are off to an amazing start of the year.
Beth has already expressed interest in keeping the podcast and blog alive and we will keep you posted on that!
In the meantime, please explore the happenings of the Room 208 209 Scholars at the new Wells Elementary site ( as well as checking out the .

Posted: Wed - September 20, 2006 at 07:05 AM