Latest Happenings

Last week, Sara Nics from MPBN (radio) came to interview and record the scholars for a story on Podcasting. The students got to ask her questions about the Radio Station and how shows are produced. We'll let you know when it will play on air, and provide a link to the file when it is archived.

Also, Janet Hill from stopped by... virtually! Janet is an Education Development Executive and is a big fan of the Room 208 students' Blog and Podcast. She wanted to meet them! The scholars had great questions for her as they met her via in her kitchen in Iowa.

This is Janet on our computer in our Classroom.

The students ask Janet questions... from Maine to Iowa, vis a vis!

Students practice their interviewing skills.

Janet's educator friend stopped by. She knew all about Room 208 and was also excited to meet the students.

Posted: Wed - January 25, 2006 at 09:20 AM