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Published On: Sep 20, 2006 07:06 AM
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Wed - September 20, 2006

"Where Are You?"

"Hello Room 208....

Have you moved? We are eagerly waiting the latest episodes from 208.


Apologies to Maria and all who have been wondering: I've been trying to get this note up for weeks. Some rather big changes have happened since last June.

First... Room 208 is now Room 209 (the scholars have moved next door).

Second... The biggest change is that I have made the transition out of the 3/4 Multi-Age classroom and into the computer lab, as Technology Integrator. This is a bitter/sweet change: exciting and challenging, but not without some sorrow, as I leave my class behind in Room 208 (now 209).
I will be replacing my good friend, Cheryl Oakes, as she moves on to her new exciting position as District Technology Coordinator.
I am excited about taking that next step in integrating technology into the classroom, and expanding my learning.
Beth Bush has taken my position in Room 208 209 and she and the scholars are off to an amazing start of the year.
Beth has already expressed interest in keeping the podcast and blog alive and we will keep you posted on that!
In the meantime, please explore the happenings of the Room 208 209 Scholars at the new Wells Elementary site ( as well as checking out the .

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Mon - March 13, 2006

Awesome Podcast: The 3R's Club!

Check out these amazing kids who have created "The 3R's Club --- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!"

It's a great Podcast/Blog all about Recycling! Kudos to the 3R's Club!

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Sun - February 12, 2006


Click HERE to hear Room 208 on Maine Public Radio!

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Fri - February 3, 2006

Great BIG SHOUTOUT to the 2nd Grade Goobers!

Yeah for Ms. Tondreau and her 2nd grade class in Garland, ME! They have their website and Podcast up! Ms. Tondreau visited Room 208 last week to get more information about producing a podcast and they already have their first one up! Kudos! You all rock!

Check it out HERE!

Here's the wonderful invite that Room 208 received:

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Wed - February 1, 2006

We love our Library!

Way cool! Wells Elementary Library been selected by the Southern Maine Library District as
Library of the Month!

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Wed - January 25, 2006

Latest Happenings

Last week, Sara Nics from MPBN (radio) came to interview and record the scholars for a story on Podcasting. The students got to ask her questions about the Radio Station and how shows are produced. We'll let you know when it will play on air, and provide a link to the file when it is archived.

Also, Janet Hill from stopped by... virtually! Janet is an Education Development Executive and is a big fan of the Room 208 students' Blog and Podcast. She wanted to meet them! The scholars had great questions for her as they met her via in her kitchen in Iowa.

This is Janet on our computer in our Classroom.

The students ask Janet questions... from Maine to Iowa, vis a vis!

Students practice their interviewing skills.

Janet's educator friend stopped by. She knew all about Room 208 and was also excited to meet the students.

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Thu - January 19, 2006

Blogging about Room 208

Room 208's been written about in the "Blogosphere" a lot recently. Here are some of the links to some of the postings:

Discovery Educator Network

David Warlick

The Open Classroom

Ideas and Thoughts from an EdTech

PEP Tech Talk

From an Instructional Technology Specialist


Bud the Teacher

teaching & learning

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Mon - October 31, 2005

Check Out Room 208's Photo Club!

On Thursdays, a small group of students in Room 208 have joined the "Room 208 Photo Club". Together we are learning how to become better photographers. The session will last about six weeks and then start over with a new group of interested students. Go to the "Photo Club" blog often to see the students' work. This week, they learned about the "Rule of Thirds". We'll provide links to all of our lesson resources.

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Thu - September 15, 2005

Why We Blog... Why we Podcast...


Here are a few great resources that answer in part why we Blog and Podcast in Room 208... and why this work is so important.

First, I will direct you to an incredible podcast that I listened to this morning. It is from David Warlick's podcast, featuring an incredible reflection from a principal in Georgia: Dr. Tim Tyson (here is his Blog). Dr. Tyson encourages his parents to read the book, , and articulates in his interview with Warlick on how schools have changed from students being consumers of information to being Creators of Knowledge. An incredible podcast!

The second resource is from my podcast show, Bit By Bit ( Listen to this show ( to hear former Maine Governor, Angus King, talk more about Friedman's book, as well his arresting call for change in schools in order to prepare our students for this changing world.

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Tue - September 6, 2005

1st Day!

What a great group! What a great first day!

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Sat - August 27, 2005


At the end of last year, David Warlick did an interview with my students on his Podcast, Connected Learning... Actually, his buddy, Noa did the interview. (CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE INTERVIEW) .

He asked the students to draw what they thought Noa looked like .

Here are the results, finally posted!

Here is Mr. Warlick's email response:


Thanksabunch for the pictures, and thank your students. Noa was thrilled to receive the pictures, and has been dressing-up almost hourly for the past two days, in front of a mirror, trying to achieve the look that your students have imagined. He wants to visit again, because he thinks he has fans. We've finally determined that Noa's a toad, but no ordinary toad. I've also learned that the best way to shut him up is to give him some peanut butter. Frogs can't talk and eat peanut butter at the same time.

-- dave --

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Wed - August 3, 2005

Room 208 in the NEW YORK TIMES!

Hello, Students! You are in today's New York Times!

Check it out:

Click on the Picture to go to the Article

Way Cool!

Tags: New York Times, Room 208 Podcast, podcast, education, school, learning, kids

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Thu - July 21, 2005

The MOMMYCAST says "Hello!"

We received a wonderful "hello" from Gretchen and Paige over at on their show #22 podcast!

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Thu - July 7, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Dear Students,

I hope your summer is going well!

Have you noticed the changes to the web site? I hope that you like them. Have you also noticed how many subscribers you've had since school ended? This is due in large part to iTunes 4.9 being released. Remember how we talked about that making Podcasting more popular!

On the day that it came out, your subscriptions jumped from 30 subscribers to 242! (It's gone down a bit since then).

Also, your show went to Philadelphia! You were part of a presentation at NECC (The National Educational Computing Conference). You can here it at the beginning of the podcast that was made of the presentation:


Well, I've been busy creating 2 podcasts of my own. One is for Teachers (called "Bit by Bit") and the other one is for kids, parents, and readers of all ages. It's called "The Bobby Bucket Show" .

You can check it out here.

Keep READING and send me email!

Take care,

Mr. S

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Wed - June 22, 2005

Congratulations, Zoe!

Zoe won 1st Place in the OGUNQUIT PLAYHOUSE Poster Contest!

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